Adjustable GPS Power Setting

Ever since the battery optimization update it seems that less power is being used to connect to GPS satellites… unfortunately this has essentially disabled most of the key features of this alti. Can the GPS power setting be user controlled? The only time I have GPS in the plane is if I’m sitting right by the door. Most of the time it’s very spotty at best.


Not sure if this post got missed by the staff but I wanted to bump it because I keep hoping to see this in each update. When I first got the dekunu GPS worked great, but ever since the battery optimization updates it now rarely works inside the twin otters I usually jump from. This also messes up how it determines the jump run because sometimes I don’t get GPS signal until I’m already out of the plane. It seemed to work better this weekend, but I just happened to be by the door on all jumps. It still was very spotty though.

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Same here, it rarely works inside the twin otters if your not by the door or in the co-pilot seat

Thanks @Nailhead I will question the devs about this