Adding your own landing pt

Hey Team,
I love your altimeter and am so stoked that we finally have a smart wearable geared to our sport. The one thing that I would love to have added is the ability to input a lat long or mgrs to identify a landing pt even if not jumping a conventional dz, ie demo teams, mil jumps, ext. Let me know if you think this can be added via update or if it’s even something you would be interested in seeing. Thx
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great point


I was also requesting to have the ability to add waypoints as some DZ landing area are way off. So hope they can add this function in the device.


It would make sense so that way we aren’t always asking to request a new dz to be added into the cloud. The lat long could be input and it would show the landing area. Worth it to put in the next update


Thanks guys, this has been requested before for sure. I have fed your comments back to the development team so hopefully we can get this feature on the way :ok_hand:


Yeah, this would be a great feature, especially for those working on accuracy. I’d love to be able to walk out, set an exact spot, and know how far I land from that point.


I agree. This would be very nice for demo jumps.

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Even if we could just put in gps coordinates, that would be great for a manual setting.

Hey guys, this feature is available and was rolled out a few months ago, you will find instructions here
It is a new feature so there will be improvements and refinements over time, please feel free to feedback if there is anything you think would be a good addition :slight_smile: