Add Team for Logbook Entries

It would be good to add the team name for my logbook entries. I do this on paralog and its useful to be able to see how many team jumps we have done.

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Hey @Travman Thanks for the suggestion, couple of questions for dev scoping -

  1. Would this be for the logbook export? or where would you like to be able to view the team name?
  2. How would you like to be able to add this? as a note or maybe the ability to pre-add your team name somewhere and then be able to bulk update your actions once they have synced so that they have the team name assigned to them?
  3. What about if we added a discipline sub-category as Team (e.g Freefly - Team) so that you can select this on your device and it is auto assigned to each action on syncing to the Cloud?

Just spitballing some ideas, would love your input so I can feed this back to the dev team. I am unfamiliar with Paralog so not sure how you add your team name there.

  1. I’d like to be able to View the team name. Ideally it’d be nice in the future if I could do some filtering, for example do a search on team name and the year to see how many jumps in each year we did. But I can also export that to CSV and do it there.

  2. Yes definately a bulk update! For me, team jumps are always done en masse, ie 12/day over several day so just going into Dekunu Cloud and bulk updating them is perfect.

  3. Yes I like the idea of a sub-category!! That would work well. But unlike gear its not as nessacary to be able to change on the device as you generally aren’t swapping between teams load by load. Though for me, even with gear I just do a bulk update rather than selecting it each jump. So the bulk updating is definately the requirement. Changing on the device would be a nice to have I think.

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@Travman ok this is great, thank you, you given some really good ideas, I will see what I can do for you :slight_smile: