Add regular dropzones - dekunu cloud

I am not able to add extra dropzones on my dekunu cloud. I tried with Edge and Chrome. Do others also have this issue?

I have an issue with additional PLA’s ie Novice / Pro at the (one) DZ I have added

I have the same issue adding additional DZ’s as well :slight_smile:

Same issue here. Cannot add additional DZ’s on my cloud…

Thank god it’s not just me not able to add additional dz’s. :joy:

Can you guys let me know which drop zones you are trying to add? We can’t replicate the issue here so the problem could lie there.

I tried to add USA - Skydive Crosskeys, USA - Skydive The Ranch, etc. I just tried to add completely random dropzones. Nothing worked. None are added.

Awesome, thanks @yumanskiy I will get the guys onto it and get back to you.

I tried to add 5 or 6 different DZ’s in Belgium and a few in the Netherlands - with 2 different browsers (Chrome + Edge). But also nothing worked.

Same Issue for me, current dz isn’t an issue, but trying to add regular DZ’s just aren’t added to the list below.

:beetle: :white_check_mark: BUG FIXED!

Hey @mutley, @stirre, @yumanskiy, @joshp14 and @Robin - thanks for your feedback. There was a permissions issue for non-active profiles that was restricting this feature and the testing was performed by an active profile developer. This has been fixed and rolled out. We’ll make sure to test on both profile types in the future.

Go ahead and add your regular dropzones! Thanks for your patience


Awesome, cheers dude.
Also on this, can we add a profile photo too?

Hey @mutley

You will be able to add a profile pic soon, it’s on the long list of developments the tech nerds are working on… in the meantime work on your poses… feel free to post some of them here, I am happy to help you choose :grin:

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A link to your dekunu cloud login on the homepage of Dekunu would also be great. :+1:

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@stirre Aaaahhh then we are making it too easy for you!! :rofl:
I will feed that back and see what I can do for you :+1:

HI All, @Tracy, having issues adding DZ’s (South Africa) after receiving my Dekunu today.

@Wotan There is a known bug related to drop zones that we are rolling out a fix for soon, it is currently being tested.
Which DZ’s are you adding? If you can send me either coordinates or pics showing the landing areas I will check them on the Cloud for you.

Skydive Mossel Bay, Pretoria Skydiving Club, Rustenburg Skydiving Club, Johannesburg Skydiving Club.

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@Wotan if you can screenshot and circle the landing areas of these DZ’s I will add them for you.

Hi Tracy,

Please contact me via email so that I can send you the screenshots. (some have 2 landing areas)

PS: thanks for the quick replies…

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