Add missing jumps

Is there a way to add a jump that has not been recorded with the alti? Of course without the data but where I can still add jump type, dz, equipment and so on.

My aim is to have a complete logbook with Dekunu

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This seems to be a pretty common request, but I believe they are avoiding manual entry to keep the data more trustworthy/reliable when it comes to verifying currency and such. So all you can do manually is increase your jump counter so at least that lines up properly.
My suggestion to meet both goals would be to just have a verified/unverified flag of some sort on the jump so people could be aware but still allow users to have all their log data in one place.


I like that suggestion, we do have plans to make the Cloud logbook editable by the user, our dev team works based on what is highest priority, this one is pretty low in the grand scheme of things but it is on the roadmap so will be implemented at some stage


As a developer myself, I love backlog prioritization :rofl:

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