A few issues after first few days of use

I thought that the time would be populated via either the GPS or dropzone. Clearly it’s not coming from the GPS & it seems that Skydive Nagambie is wrongly on the same timezone as UTC when it should be +10 rather than 0. Can we get this updated asap? Is this something that can be manually adjusted eith on the device or via the cloud?

The unit’s battery seems to deplete awefully fast, in fact after just 3 jumps from full charge I received a low battery message and the unit shut itself off. I have remedied this since by charging between jumps. This needs to be done outside the bumper as neither the power button not usb port are easily accessible through the bumper. Additionally, with the unit in an off mode for the past week or so I had no power to power the unit up today to complete the firmware upgrade.

Charging is unable to be completed with the unit off, therefore as with others I have seen in forums the device has registered a jump whilst charging in the car on the way to/from the dropzone.

The bumper seems to be made from a lighter silicone than I would have thought and it bows on the upper and lower edges which doesn’t give off a feeling of secureness and I have fully expected to find the unit missing after a jump. Also the bumper stitching has already started to come undone at one end. Several times when moving the unit into or out of the bumper, the power button has been dislodged. it is only a matter of time before this happens and the button gets lost.

Firmware update - this caused a loss from the logbook of all jumps to date and the unit is now displaying #1 on the main screen

this seems to be all for now, I appreciate that this is a work in progress and look forward to the updates as they come through.

@Trent Thanks for your feedback. I will try to address a couple of things and feed some of your suggestions back to the developers.

The GMT offset is correct for Skydive Nagambie on the Cloud, there is an bug regarding gmt/time that we are working on a fix for and should be rolled out soon.

Battery optimisation is next on our list of update rollouts :muscle:

Your device will charge while powered off, the LED however will not light up.

The rest of your comments we are aware of from other threads, thanks again for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated.
I hope you had a sick day of jumping :slight_smile:

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Hi @Tracy, thanks for the feedback :+1:


No worries @Trent I will send you an email re: the bumper case :smile:

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