500 error on the web site

I’m getting multiple 500 error on your website. I can’t access my profile, jump previews, and most other pages.

Also, I jumped 3 times today and the online sinc only picked up two. I see a few posts about this, the two issues could be related.


I have the same issue…

You can go to Action → Logbook. Create the pdf. Then the missing jumps should be listed right on top. Details missing. So the files get uploaded - but somehow processed wrong.

It’s actually since weeks like this… :sleepy: :sob:

@Sunbaked it seems to be resolved now.

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Well - I am still missing 3 jumps - find them in the Logbook. But not in the action list.

Furthermore are the values still incorrect. Like exit hight 3750 - and we jumped out of 3300. Something like this. ?!?

But I did 7 jumps this weekend at the Pink Boogie. New synchronizations seems to work. Stil values wrong. If I believe the Actions statistics then we had one headdown jump where we flew actually up again. :wink: That’s probably caused due to bad GPS signal…

So for me the Cloud statistics is more or less a count for my jumps. For my paper written logbook I use my own values. Kind of sad - because the Logbook is the main reason I bought the Dekunu…

@Freiheitenwelt I was referring to the 500 errors on the website. Although I have a similar problem to you. I did 6 jumps one day, the device shows 6 jumps on it, but the website logbook and actions only show 5.