3D Viz and ProTracker II auidble comparison

I was just comparing post jump data and the comparison for certain aspects of the jump are relatively very accurate between the Dekunu One and the ProTracker II audible downloaded in ParaLog.

The data is driving me nuts between the device and the Cloud as it relates to rates but the alitmeter and its sensory from freefall to canopy, etc matches up for the most part. I am noticing that the One senses relatively small changes in altitude and pressure that seems compartively accurate. When I pitch, when I have full flight and riser and swoop work. The data points for these phase align within a slight devation of less than 2-3% and in many cases <1%.

I do find the device goes into freefall or canopy mode still when we do multiple passes and the plane decends at some variance that sets the device into that mode. However, as the plane ascends after the low passes it goes back into plane flight mode and the post jump analytics disregards the momentary mode change while inflight to altitude. So not concerned there.

I have also had two reboots during ride to altitude. Did not concern me as I have my audible and still wear a small Visio II. The reboots though were at a point that the One recovered and was functional for the skydive.

I am on FW 4.8.5 and my last 10 jumps finally uploaded to Cloud yesterday after a week of trying. I did have to login with my “auth code” (6 digit numeric) as the password and then do power down restart from within device controls. I was not satisfactory just doing the paper clip the first time. I went through the menu to power cycle it and the downloads started immediately once I came online after restart.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And JUMP ALL YOU CAN IN 2019!! I am starting a week from Friday with a dozen or so at Zhills in Florida. Anyone there on Friday 1/11 and Saturday 1/12, I’ll be there shredding those two days!!



Thanks for the feedback @tharshman - apologies for the delayed response, we have had a MEGA busy couple of months in the Dekunu lab (coupled with a hectic heatwave :hot_pepper:)
I hope the beginning of the year has been awesome for you
Keep shredding! :grin::beer:

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