1st use feedback

Hi guys

completed 4 jumps yesterday and all good but a few issues.

Only logged 3 jumps out of 4
jump numbers still display’s only 1
Stats are incorrect ( free fall speed was 345mph ) if true that is f-king awesome.
Bumper case issue ( being resolved thanks to brent )

I thought I would have had an issue with the battery time but this wasn’t an issue as much as I thought it would be.

apart from that I’m hooked on it and look forward to the new firmware and looking forward to future features.

good work guys

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@ralphm71, you think 345 mph is fast??? That is totally turtle mode. Look at me.

THIS is fast, Italian style! :smiley:

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Hi @ralphm71,

Thanks for sending through your feedback – the logging and jump numbers recorded are bugs that are being worked on and fixes will be released in coming updates.

With the stats being incorrect - the data is all logged raw, then we display results of our analysis of that data. The calculations used to get to those results are constantly being worked on and refined. The focus has been on creating an accurate data collection device. One of the things our data engineers have been working on the last couple of weeks has been the speed and getting this more accurate. The speed results have currently been inaccurate due to highly sensitive barometers and micro-burbles. We are hoping to roll this out in the next week or two – for now any readings you are finding inaccurate, use the review functionality in the Cloud :slight_smile: