~1 year review

I suppose it’s time to aggregate my thoughts about my One and Dekunu in general. For reference, I have a little over 600 jumps on my One.

First off, you guys are great about responding to people and any issues they may be having. That by itself makes it worth supporting you guys. Some of my gripes weren’t big enough for me to log in and post about individually and some of them I just wasn’t diligent enough to keep track of which action number they were to aid in reporting. Lastly, I like my Dekunu One and if any of my comments sound harsh, it’s because I’m a nitpicky douche.

The One collects tons of interesting data. Some of it is really useful and some of it just cool to nerd out with. 3D viz is really damn cool, cloud upload usually means all my data is saved, and action activity is a super neat heatmap of my jumping season. Unfortunately, some jumps end up missing GPS data or even all the jump data.

Easily accessible from any computer or (technically) smartphone. But the cloud app is slower than old people fucking. I’ve tried Firefox, Chrome, and Edge (eww) on multiple computers with great bandwidth both on wifi and ethernet. The cloud utility is slow. A desktop utility would be amazing provided it caches everything locally and doesn’t also have to fetch every action as you view them. And for the love of all that is holy please don’t make it an UWP app. Call me old-fashioned, but JumpTrack and Paralog both provide much easier access to the wealth of data they catalog for you and Paralog syncs with its sister cloud service Jumplog.

Offline Caching:
As soon as you drop wifi you lose weather. It would be neat if the unit would cache weather data for at least a few minutes after dropping wifi.

A couple FW updates ago I stopped getting the Red Screen Of Death. Since then, once during freefall the unit went to the Dekunu logo screen and restarted itself. For whatever reason, it actually picked back up in freefall mode with the correct altitude for the rest of the freefall and canopy flight. Now, on FW 6.0.5 I get the Green Screen Of Death. So far I’ve gotten it twice in the plane during ascent both requiring me to manually reset the unit leaving me with a 3000ft offset and the unit proclaiming “You’ve Landed!” just after my canopy is open. It would be pretty neat if it would periodically cache the ground pressure so if I have to restart it in the plane again it would still have an accurate ground reference.

Reset Button:
I can gently squeeze the alti to actuate the reset button. This is both good and bad. It’s good because I don’t usually have a paperclip in my pocket on the plane when I need to reset my alti to make the evil GSOD go away. It’s bad because one of these days I’m going to be adjusting the alti on my arm and accidentally squeeze too hard and reset it in the plane.

Landing with the plane:
This one is probably an algorithmic nuisance that won’t get fixed any time soon, but it logs landing with the plane as a jump.

Battery Life:
1 day battery life. And it starts beeping at me by about jump 10 or 11. Honestly, for me, having to charge my alti daily and sometimes also mid-day is the number one most frustrating issue. Have the touch screen go into standby or something. I don’t need it to wake up every time I tap the screen.

The screen is awesome because
a) it’s a resistive touchscreen so I can use it with gloves on
b) I can see it with polarized glasses on.
c) it’s huge and colorful
It is not awesome because it is nearly impossible to see in direct sunlight. I’m not sure if any manufacturer makes an e-ink display that refreshes fast enough for a freefall altimeter but it might be worth researching. Personally, I’d also be cool with a capacitive touchscreen that doesn’t glare like the resistive touch layers. This is a close second to battery life.

Water resistance:
It’s not. I don’t swoop a pond so it’s not a tremendous issue for me, but it is something everyone wants.

Wrist Mount:
I ordered one of the Explorer Editions and we got two wrist mounts. I cut a little square out around the charging port on the first one so I could charge it without removing the alti from the case. It ripped pretty quickly after that. My second case only recently started ripping. Although, it lasted much longer since I didn’t cut it and started just popping the corner out of the top of the case to charge it (remember, I’m charging it literally 7-10 times per week). Notably, I have been able to do this for a year without tearing the power button out (yet) but I’ve been extremely careful about that.

DZ offset:
My home DZ’s landing area is ~40ft above the runway. It would be cool to be able to set a permanent offset rather for a single jump or until the unit is restarted. That being said, for me it’s only 40ft so it doesn’t really matter too much.

Plane Reminders:
It throws a bunch of reminders at me to remove seat belts and such. They’re all at weird altitudes. Some places take seat belts off at 1000ft, my DZ does not. Again, not super important to me but I’m already ranting so here we go.

MicroSD Card:
I used to get an SD card error at least once a day in the plane on the way to altitude. Early this year I took the uSD card out, cloned it onto a new SanDisk card, reinstalled it and haven’t had a single SD card error since. I doubt it’s a size or speed issue, I probably just had a shitty uSD card.

Being able to select all the units separately is great. On a related note, one of my buddies grabbed my alti while it was charging (mid-day between loads) and changed it to meters to fuck with me. He was under the impression that I could change it back to feet in the plane. Now I know that tandems deploy around 1700m.

Video Games:
I don’t care if it’s Tetris, Pong, Snake, Sudoku, or whatever. Put a game on there so I can tell my mates to piss off finally.


Hi @lamealex4
Firstly, thanks so much for taking the time to write this post. we really appreciate the time and effort you have put into this review, it is always good to hear from device users and especially from our early adopters who have played such a huge part in the development of the One over the past 18 months or so.

To touch on some of your points -

Cloud - stay tuned for some MAJOR improvements to usability, speed and metric calculations over the coming weeks/months

Weather - from v6.0.5 weather info should still be available up to 5 hours after wifi disconnects

GSOD - I would like to investigate this for you, keep an eye on your inbox for a support email

Landing with the Plane - you hit the nail on the head, improvements will be rolled out in future fw updates, in the meantime we can remove any ‘false’ logs for you if you mark them for review

Battery Life - we can investigate this while looking into the GSOD issue

Water Resistance - totally agree, this is on the development roadmap

DZ Offset & Units - noted and suggestions submitted to developers

Plane Reminders - these will be editable at some point in the future

Micro SD - a new, improved SD card has been introduced since you purchased your device

Video Games - oh man! We are also chomping at the bit to get some games on the One… they are coming, I promise!

Any feedback, good and bad and any constructive criticisms and suggestions for improvements are all taken on board with the greatest appreciation.

One of our company founder’s favourite quotes and one that I hear on a regular basis from him is -
“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” ~ Bill Gates

We are committed to making innovative, ground-breaking products and are constantly striving to improve and develop new features and functionality so … keep those suggestions and feedback coming, our ears are wide open!

Again, sincere thank you for taking the time to feed back, check your mailbox in 5-7 days for a shiny new wrist mount, new power button (that will also fix your reset issue!) and a new Dekunu branded SD card :wink:

p.s. I have it on good authority that there is absolutely no chance of a UWP app :rofl:


Thanks for getting back to me @Tracy! You guys are killing it as usual. Also, I forgot to mention that I love the recent actions map! It’s a small thing, but those small features really add up.

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